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I am happy to be part of this critical dialogue of the art and science connection: 

Strange Attractors: Art, Science, and the Question of Convergence

A Multi-format Symposium.
Co-organized by CUE Art Foundation and Taney Roniger.
November 4 – 15, 2017.

With the current groundswell of interest in interdisciplinary thinking sweeping the arts and academia, the intersection of art and science is becoming increasingly promising terrain for many contemporary artists. But with the two fields representing such distinct epistemological enterprises, prospects for a mutually beneficial partnership remain unclear. The objective of this symposium is to examine some of the underlying assumptions and motivations of this burgeoning movement, to clarify what its practitioners seek to accomplish, and to consider ways in which an art-science alliance might contribute to the larger cultural discourse of our fraught and complex century.

Co-organized by the CUE Art Foundation and Taney Roniger, Strange Attractors features a panel of distinguished artists, scientists, writers, and curators in a ten-day online dialogue, initiated by a live lecture given by art historian James Elkins at the Foundation’s Chelsea gallery. Both components are free and open to the public, and readers of the online symposium are encouraged to contribute through moderated comments. Strange Attractors concludes with a social gathering at the Foundation gallery welcoming all participants. As a follow-up to the conference, selected participant essays will be published in the December/January issue of The Brooklyn Rail which will be dedicated to the intersection of art and science.

Full details to be announced.


In-Person Event
Saturday, November 4, 3PM
Lecture by James Elkins

Online Symposium
Sunday, November 5 – Tuesday, November 15

The Brooklyn Rail Critics Page
December/January issue







I am happy to be continuing the art and science dialogue and will be participating in a roundtable discussion on Art, Science, and Society sponsored by The Helix Center and SciArt Center on Sunday December 3, 10-11:30 am at the Helix Center (247 East 82nd Street, NYC). 

Panelists: Elizabeth Demaray, Daniel Hill, Amelia Amon, Paul Browde, Nancy Princenthal, and Farzad Mahootian.

For more information, see The Helix Center and SciArt Center.






In depth interview: Interalia Magazine








The program on Art and Science will be broadcasted in MNN
MNN2 (channels TWC56 RCN83 FIOS34 and livestream on click on MNN2) the following dates. 
Jan 17, 2017 at 2pm
Jan 21 and 23, 2017 at 10:30am
Jan 25, 2017 at 6pm








Dec 03, 2016 – Jan 08, 2017

Opening Reception:

    Friday, December 2, 7–9pm
NURTUREart, 56 Bogart Street, Lower Level, Brooklyn NY
NURTUREart presents Interference, curated by Steven Salzman and featuring artists Johnny Abrahams, John Aslanidis, Daniel Hill, Gilbert Hsiao, Julie Oppermann and Jessica Rosner. Interference explores the physical phenomena of the superposition of two or more waves resulting in a new wave pattern. Waves of air, sound and electro-magnetism—and their subsequent interference patterns—permeate our environment. These phenomena surround, bombard and penetrate our bodies continuously. The artists in this exhibit explore these omnipresent patterns as a visual motifs, including hard-edge geometry, gestural improvisation, and handwriting. Inspirational sources include optics, physics, music and meditation. The ensemble of works on view grasp the pervasive hum of interference radiation to capture and re-present it as analysis visually and poetically.


American Abstract Artists

Vincent Longo, Lattice Spread Yellow, 2012


Panel Discussion

Moderator: Curator Jonathan Lippincott
Panelists: Barbara MacAdam, Daniel Hill, Ellen Hackl Fagan, Paul Corio

Date: Thursday, October 13, 6 – 8pm

Jonathan D. Lippincott is the design manager at Farrar, Straus and Giroux, and also works independently as the art director and designer of illustrated books about fine art, architecture, and landscape. He is the author of Large Scale: Fabricating Sculpture in the 1960s and 1970s, and is currently at work on a monograph on the sculpture of Robert Murray.

Barbara A. MacAdam is co-executive editor of ARTnews. She has also worked as an editor for Art + Auction, Review: Latin American Literature and Arts, and New York magazine, among other publications. She has contributed articles on art, design, and literature for such publications as the LA Times Book Review and the New York Times Book Review, and Websites, including1stdibs and She is also a curator and serves on the board of the International Art Critics Association and is on the advisory committee of the Paris-based Arts Arena.

Daniel Hill is an abstract painter and sound artist whose work has been included in numerous exhibitions exploring the relationship between painting, sound, and science. His sound work has appeared in the video/sound collaborations “Mythograph” and “Aurorasis” with Angie Drakopoulos exhibited in New York and Paris and his music has received airplay on radio stations in New York, Canada, and Europe. He is curating the upcoming “Visual Inquiries: Artists Inspired by Science” at Pace University (Fall 2016) where he is currently an Adjunct Associate Professor of Art.

Ellen Hackl Fagan is an interdisciplinary abstract painter and the inventor of The Reverse Color Organ and the ColorSoundGrammar Game, two projects that enable viewers to interact aurally with color. In June of 2014, Ellen Hackl Fagan expanded her independent curatorial practice into a full-time business and is now the owner of ODETTA Gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn. There, she maintains her painting studio and has become an active member of this vibrant community.

Paul Corio is a painter who lives and works in New York City. He has exhibited in many NYC galleries, as well as galleries in London and Paris, and has written criticism for Abstract Critical, Henri Art Magazine, On Verge, Painter’s Table, and the self-published No Hassle at the Castle. He is represented by McKenzie Fine Art, New York, and is a part-time faculty member at the Parsons School of Design. He is also a jazz musician and an avid horseplayer.
Shirley Fiterman Art Center
81 Barclay St, New York, NY 10007

Curated by Jonathan Lippincott, CHROMATIC SPACE is the third of three exhibitions held this year in celebration of the 80th anniversary of AMERICAN ABSTRACT ARTISTS. This exhibition seeks to illuminate the ways that artists use color to explore the possibilities of depth, scale, atmosphere, and movement, and to create the content and iconography in their work. From the rigorous flatness of hard edge painting to the celestial expanse of color field work, the use of color activates a work of art in an exciting variety of ways.








morphogenesisinvitef morphogenesisinviteb


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TransBorder Art Episode: Art and Science



Transborder Art: Art and Science


Art and Science- in Public TV
Saturday July 23, 2016 @ 9:30 PM
TransBorder Art broadcasts in Brooklyn Public Speech a conversation among four artists whose practices are connected to science. Sally Bozzuto, Julia Buntaine, Daniel Hill and John Torreano. They discuss their creative process and how the influx of innovative technologies and scientific discoveries can be helpful or disruptive to our world.
Brooklyn Public Speech, Channel 1
Time Warner 79 | Cablevision 68 ( Brooklyn),
| RCN 83 (Brooklyn),Verizon FiOS 43 ( all boroughs)
— with Sally Bozzuto, Julia Buntaine, John Torreano and Daniel Hill.





WORKS – Pattern Paintings by Daniel Hill


In ALL, WORKS by Julia

Daniel Hill is an American artist currently residing in Long Island City, NY. Hill is an abstract painter and sound artist, who explores the connections between painting, sound and science.


We will be participating in the LIC ARTS OPEN FESTIVAL, so stop by if you are around:

Angie Drakopoulos & Daniel Hill
Friday, May 20th: 6-9pm

See More

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As part of the LIC Arts Open, I will have a couple paintings at the Factory Building, opening Thursday

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What Lies Beneath: Panel Discussion


Join us on Thursday June 26th for a conversation with four of the artists showcased in our inaugural show, “What Lies Beneath.”

Daniel Hill is a painter inspired by the scientific method and the physics of sound (our event image). Jonathon Wells, geologist and photographer, creates photo-geoloic composites of what lies below the earth’s crust. Jonathan Feldschuh creates images based on the Large Hadron Collider as well as cosmic radiation patterns based on NASA data. Steve Miller prints and paints X-rays of the floura, fauna and wildlife found in the Amazon, the movement of ions across cellular membranes, and the structure of proteins, to name a few.

The panel will be moderated by SciArt Center executive director Julia Buntaine.

Admission is free for qualifying members and $5 for the public.

To become a member of the Center, visit:

Event photo: Untitled 37 by Daniel Hill


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