Imagine two different painters creating the same painting, say a red X on a white canvas. One is using a very small brush to paint tiny semi transparent spheres of paint on the canvas, building up opacity slowly, taking 5 months to complete. The other uses a roller and completes the work in about 5 minutes. They will be essentially the same painting, but while they might look the same, will they feel the same?

Paint, like all wave bearing materials, has the ability to store information in its frequencies about how it has interacted with its environment. Imagine a boat passing by on a lake. Long after the boat is gone, the waves in the lake created by the boats’ passing still contain information about the now absent boat, such as speed, direction, or weight. The modulation of all forces are recorded within the complex interference patterns created on the lake’s surface. Paint also has encoded in it the precise energies that placed it where it is. It could be reasoned that more subtle energies are encoded as well, such as intent and even the resonance of specific thoughts, emotions or perhaps a holographic record of all. Since it is a frequency it can be transmitted and received, unconsciously or consciously. Whether or not it is received, depends on the “reception” of the viewer. So, the painter takes this base, elemental substance called paint and “cooks” it, applying “forces” and infusing it with information. If the mixture is just right, the fortunate artist has then become a successful alchemist, transmuting the prima materia into gold.

The Alchemy of Paint | 2010 | alchemy, Art, interference patterns, paint, painting, prima materia, quantum physics, standing waves | Comments (0)